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RI colleges compete for shot at "I'm Shmacked" fame

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By: Alexandra Cowley


The raucous "I'm Shmacked" party inside the Roxy on Thursday night poured out on to the streets of Providence as hundreds of college students stumbled out of the club. Police, fire, and rescue all called in to help the partiers find their way.

Six were nearly unconscious and had to be transported to the hospital. This was the night these students had been waiting months for, all in an effort to prove their university parties the hardest.

Video from inside the Roxy shows flashing lights, loud music, and nearly two thousand college students partying as hard as they can.

One student said, "To see who parties the hardest, which school parties the hardest."

Another explained, "Who's like the biggest partiers obviously it's Johnson and Wales."

The event was hosted by the group "I'm Shmacked." It tours colleges across the U.S. throwing parties, filming the students, and posted their videos on its website and YouTube channel.

"It's a really big party, the environment, the music, the lights,"explained Taylor Bennett.

"They have people recording you all around the club, and when the camera gets on you people are like woooooo, and it's sick everyone's drinking having a good time and then the videos get posted to youtube," explained another student.

The videos have gone viral, hyping colleges up for their shot at YouTube fame. Students in Rhode Island knew about the tour for months.

"Everyone was excited about meeting I'm Shmacked. Just the fact that they're in Providence, this town, that's like really big," said Bennett.

We decided to meet "I'm Shmacked" ourselves to see what all the excitement was about. It's founder is 21–year old Arya Toufanian.

"There's a lot of facets to "I'm Shmacked" it's a good medium for high school students to pick their college, and kind of get a glimpse of college culture, and where they want to commit their lives for the next four years, before their parents write a tuition check,"explained Toufanian.

Toufanian says they're doing everything by the books. Renting the venue with security. It costs about 25 bucks for a ticket to an "I'm Shmacked" show. Their tour has sold out shows at 50 universities.

Recently, they've spun out of control. A near riot at the University of Delaware and in Providence last night, 6 people were transported to the hospital for intoxication.

Toufanian explained, "We don't advocate any of that we don't tell people to break cars and riot and stuff like that we're not the kind of people that do that our selves."

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